Swingin' Saturday

Tucson's Monthly West Coast Swing Dance Social

October 5, 2013
by Sharon Hsia

October 12: Swingin’ Saturday’s 2 YEAR Anniversary Dance!

Hey guys and gals! Don’t forget about our upcomin’ Swingin’ Saturday dance event NEXT Saturday! Let’s get our dance on and celebrate!

WHAT: Oct 12: Swingin’ Saturday & Blues Dance  (Tucson’s Monthly West Coast Swing & Blues Dance Social)

WHY is this month special:  It’s our 2 YEAR anniversary!

WHERE: Armory Park Center Ballroom (220 S. 5th Ave)

COST: $7/ $5 Students and Armory Park Members

7-8 pm: Concurrent Beginner and Intermediate WCS Lessons
8-11 pm: WCS Dance in Main Ballroom (with DJ Scott Miller)

8-8:30 pm: Mixed Beginner/ Intermediate Blues Dancing Lessons
8:30-11 pm: Blues Dance in Auxiliary Ballroom

Future 2013 Dates: Nov 9, Dec 14 ~ Hosted by Wendy and Scott Miller

September 15, 2013
by Julie Wilmer

Sept 14: Lesson Recaps

Thanks “old sports:” Coleen Concannon, Wendy Miller, Cris Candelario, Mike Smith, and Keri Amadeo. Swingin’ Saturday borrowed this idea from “Swing Daddy” Mario Robau: each instructor tacked a move onto the last instructor’s patter = tons of fun, tons of material and tons of technique in just one hour!!

Thanks Monty Norris for a great Blues lesson!  Who is that girl in the pink wig?

August 11, 2013
by Julie Wilmer

September 14: GATSBY GALA!

That’s right cool cats and kittens – throw on your swankiest glad rags for a 20s style gala affair!  Let’s fill the dance floor with fringe, feathers, and fedoras as we kick up our heals Gastsby style!

Please help me celebrate Wendy and Scott Miller as the new Swingin’ Saturday event directors and my final days in Tucson.

Tucson dancers, it has truly been a pleasure getting to know you –  please come  out to and dance the night away with me!



August 11, 2013
by Julie Wilmer

Aug 10: Intermediate Swing Lesson Recap with Colleen and Mike

What fun last night, thanks for coming out to party! Great to see so many people decked out in their beach gear!! Bikinis, inner tubes, grass skirts, beach balls, Bermuda shorts, tank tops, swim trunks, panama hats, Hawaiian leis, you name it – we pretty much saw it on the dance floor last night.

Thanks Zo and the boys, you tore it up – what a band!!!

And a big thank you to all of our instructors: Mike and Colleen, Shey and Monty and our DJS: Alex, Mike and Martin.

In case you missed it, here is the video recap from Mike and Colleen’s intermediate lesson, enjoy!

July 16, 2013
by Julie Wilmer

So much West Coast Swing and Blues!

Hey Gang,If you haven’t seen it yet – Swingin’ Saturday has a calendar of everything we know about West Coast Swing and Blues in Tucson.  3 more weekend events in July alone!  Click on the calendar link at the bottom of this post for more details about these events!

  • Saturday, July 20: West Coast Swing At Relish
  • Sunday, July 21: Sunday FunkDay at Midtown
  • Saturday, July 27: West Coast Swing Room at Colleen’s Country Dance

Blues too!

  • Saturday, July 20: Desert Moon Blues
  • Sunday, July 21: Weekly Blues at TCB

Head up to Phoenix for West Coast Swing Comps in  August and September:

Check out the calendar by clicking on the “calendar” tab or this link: calendar

July 16, 2013
by Julie Wilmer

July 13: Lesson Recap – Adding a Little Tango Flair!

Thanks dancers for heading down the “The Armory” this past Saturday night! Fun night with almost 140 dancers bringing great energy, great enthusiasm, and “chilling out” on a muggy July evening to great music!

Thanks DJs Scott Miller, Martin Riggenback, Mike Lazear and Tobin Bennet-Gold and instructors, Madelyn Finley, Amber Kingery, Mike Lazear, and Monty Norris!

And how about that gong wave? What energy! Thanks Marcia for starting off our evening in such a powerful way!