Swingin' Saturday

Tucson's Monthly West Coast Swing Dance Social

What is West Coast Swing?

Originally born from the Lindy Hop tradition, West Coast Swing (WCS) is a constantly evolving partner dance that is heavily seasoned with elements of traditional swing, salsa, tango, hip- hop, jazz, ballroom and other dances. Given its influences and global popularity, West Coast Swing is now danced to a wide range of musical genres, including Top 40, Blues, Soul, Funk, Jazz and Country.  West Coast Swing is a fun, dynamic, and versatile dance, which allows both leaders and followers to improvise and groove as she or he interprets the music.

See what Skippy Blair, a driving force in helping to name and popularize West Coast Swing, has to say about our wonderful dance!

Visit www.TucsonWestie.com for more information and videos about West Coast Swing, as well as a calendar of West Coast Swing events in Tucson.